"[Toscana] is a beautifully written and acted play (...) Every element of the show is high-quality (...) The writing, acting and directing especially stand out (...). [Toscana] is an absorbing and ultimately touching production that is well-worth experiencing.  
(Hi Drama) 

"The play is quite engaging and often funny. Marta Mondelli's dialogue always glimmers, and occasionally explodes, creating the shocked, delighted gasps one associates with Edward Albee's work."
(Theatre Is Easy) 

"The ability to condense big ideas into an intimate piece of theatre is perhaps one of the hardest tasks any writer is given, and one which Ms. Mondelli not only tackles gamely, but also executes with ease.  Such ease depicted onstage must also be attributed to the trio of cast members at her side, whose collective commitment to their respective roles lends just the right amount of gravitas, humor and everything in between."

(Jessica Taghap, the Resident Artist)

Sue (Nicole Kontolefa), Emma (Marta Mondelli), Larry )Lance Olds), and Fred (Scott Barton) meet by poolside of a sleepy hotel in Tuscany.

The Tuscan countryside is a nostalgic place for Emma. Her childhood haunts her during her visit for her dad's funeral, but  when she and her husband Fred-- paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident-- encounter another couple by poolside of their sleepy hotel, they all begin to question the people they've chosen to spend their lives with. Over the course of one day, Emma struggles to reconcile her past with her present, while Sue, Larry and Fred seek for something to jolt them out of the habits of love that have dulled them. Some things change, some things stay the same. Some things weren't real to begin with.